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5 Key Things to Consider for Having a Stress-Free Singapore Family Trip

5 Key Things to Consider for Having a Stress-Free Singapore Family Trip

Ranging from luxurious shopping to dining experiences, Singapore is one of the most preferred vacation destinations in Asia. The place offers something for everyone, irrespective of whether they are visiting for work or to spend a peaceful holiday.

Each year, more than thousands of tourists visit this beautiful country. Even though Singapore is known as one of the safest places to travel, unwanted circumstances can sometimes arise. Hence, before you start your journey, consider some essential factors like travel insurance, tourist visas, etc., for a hassle-free trip to Singapore.

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What Are the 5 Important Things to Ensure a Smooth Singapore Trip?
Singapore is one of the safest countries to visit with your loved ones. But preparing for an emergency is a must during any international trip. Therefore, go through and consider all the factors below before you fly off to Singapore. 

1. Get Travel Insurance
Every traveller must opt for travel insurance before they plan a trip to Singapore. For instance, one can face sudden and unwanted incidents that can burn a hole in their pocket. So, you will get comprehensive coverage for your international trip with insurance.

Additionally, you can choose a family travel insurance plan where everyone in your family will get equal coverage. Besides accidental and medical coverage, it offers cover for loss of luggage, loss of passport, personal belongings, accidental death, etc.

2. Make All Your Reservations In Advance
It is very important to complete all your hotel and flight bookings beforehand. This will not only make your holiday hassle-free but also provide a wide array of options to choose from. You must remember to opt for flight ticket booking as early as possible because the prices will go high at the last minute.

This advice is not just applicable to flight tickets but also to hotel bookings. To get preferred hotel rooms at your preferred price rates, early bookings are a must. Thus, after buying family travel insurance for Singapore, secure your accommodations by pre-booking.

3. Make an Itinerary
After you finish the insurance and bookings, plan your Singapore trip itineraries. Conduct thorough research on the places to visit in Singapore and craft an itinerary as per your budget.

Moreover, plan all fun and exciting activities to do in Singapore with your family members or chalk out the best places to eat to enjoy the local cuisine. As a result, this will save a lot of your time in last-minute planning and chalking out your trip. Remember to go through all the inclusions and exclusions of your travel insurance before you choose various activities to do in Singapore.

4. Apply for a Tourist Visa Beforehand
You must know that Singapore does not provide VoA (Visa on Arrival) to Indian travellers. Henceforth, you must get a Singapore tourist Visa before you fly off to the country with your family for vacation, as you would need one.

According to ICA, it is advisable to apply for a tourist visa 30 days before your family trip. You can either submit your Visa application online or via a local agent in Singapore. Or else, apply to your nearest Singapore Overseas Mission or authorised Visa agent present in different locations in India.

5. Keep Photocopies of Your Travel Documents
As a responsible traveller, you must carry photocopies of all your travel documents with you everywhere you go. Some of the most essential travel documents for international trips are a valid passport, Visa, and confirmed return or onward flight ticket.

For example, in emergencies, it is preferable to have copies of all the necessary documents. Besides another important document that you must carry with you while travelling to Singapore is your travel insurance. Henceforth, print out your travel insurance online policy document and carry it to use during any emergency scenarios.

What Are the Perks of Having Travel Insurance?
Sudden accidents and mishaps can take place anywhere and anytime. Thus, buying such insurance is a must for every traveller visiting Singapore. Read below to explore some of the key advantages of getting travel insurance for your international trip.

● In case you cancel your trip at the last moment, the insurance policy will repay you all the non-refundable expenses (pre-paid).
● You will get medical coverage (including emergency transportation and evacuation services) for any medical emergencies that occur on your trip.
● If your luggage gets lost at the airport, with travel insurance, you will get 50% of the amount stated in the policy.
● Several insurance companies provide a specified amount if you lose your money on the trip.
● In case of any sudden accidents, the insurance will take care of all your costs incurred in your Singapore trip.
● Such policy covers all your incurred fees charged to you for losing a passport.
● If your flight gets delayed then as per the insurance policy you will get accommodations and meals for that day free of cost.

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance?
Other than buying travel insurance, choosing the right policy for your trip is very important. It comes with varied options due to which it can be confusing to pick the right one. Henceforth, follow the below-listed pointers to get a detailed idea regarding how to choose the right travel insurance for your Singapore family trip.

● Policy Duration
While choosing a policy for your trip, make sure that it covers the total duration of the Singapore trip. For instance, if your trip is three weeks, then choose a policy covering the entire three weeks.
● Policy Type
Insurance companies offer a wide array of policy types like annual policies, single-trip policies, etc. Supposedly, if you take one trip annually then a single-trip policy will be ideal for you. Whereas, if you travel often, then annual insurance policies are much more cost-effective and will be the right choice.
● Consider Trip Activities
You must buy an insurance policy as per the type of trip you are planning to do. In case you are going for a trek or are willing to perform any adventure sports, then you must choose a policy which covers such activities. Planning an itinerary or activities is suggested to choose the appropriate policy.
● Claim Limit
Before buying travel insurance, you must consider checking all the claim limits. In case you are wondering what a claim limit is, it is the maximum reimbursement amount the insurer will pay (if claimed).
● Check Inclusions & Exclusions
While choosing the right policy for your Singapore family trip, have a glance at all the inclusions and exclusions as per the policy. You must opt for such policies which offer coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, trip cancellation, loss of passport, etc. Besides, consider checking all the other additional coverage options.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for a Singapore Visa?
No, travel insurance is not mandatory for a Singapore Visa. Although, it is a smart decision to secure your trip with a policy. 

How to Apply for a Singapore Visa?
To successfully apply for a Singapore visa, follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: You have to visit the official website of ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority).
Step 2: Surf the top menu bar and click on the ‘e-Services and Forms’ option.
Step 3: Navigate to the ‘‘SG Arrival Card, Entry Visa, e-Pass Enquiry Portal and Extension of Visit Pass’’ section and tap on the ‘Apply for Entry Visa’ option.
Step 4: You have to select the Visa type followed by clicking on the ‘Apply for a Visa’ option.
Step 5: You have to provide all the required travel and personal details.
Step 6: You need to upload your passport-size photograph.
Step 7: You can use your credit or debit card to make your visa application fee.
Step 8: After reviewing your application, apply online.

That’s it! Afterwards, you will get an acknowledgement receipt. You have to wait for a few days till your Visa application gets approved. After approval, you can easily download the e-visa from the official ICA website.

Note: Remember to carry a photo print of your e-visa while travelling to Singapore.

What Are the Documents Required for a Singapore Visa?
Your visa application takes almost three to five working days to process. So before starting your application process, keep the following documents handy to avoid any hassle.
● Duly filled Form 14A (signed by you)
● Two coloured passport-size photographs (Clicked within the last three months)
● One photocopy of your passport bio-data page (at least 6 months validity on the date of entry into Singapore)

Note: You may need some other additional supporting documents like LOI (Letter of Visa Application), Form V39A, and others as per instructions.

The Bottom Line
To conclude, having travel insurance is crucial while travelling to Singapore. This will make your trip a stress-free event and offer financial protection. Make sure to go through all the inclusions and exclusions of an insurance policy to make an informed decision while buying it.