TRX announces new QM XPRESS(SM) app for Sabre Red App Centre

TRX announces new QM XPRESS(SM) app for Sabre Red App Centre

TRX, Inc, a global leader in travel data and technology, announced today its new QM XPRESS application for the Sabre Red App Centre.

QM XPRESS, designed to operate in the Sabre Red Workspace, is an extension of TRX’s QUEUE MANAGER(SM) (QM) product, a workflow management tool that helps agencies operate more efficiently and effectively.

Agents can quickly retrieve tasks and process PNRs directly from the Sabre Red Workspace, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between the GDS and the QM tool. QM XPRESS tracks activity on each record, capturing agent performance and productivity levels, and it also automates some of the common GDS commands agents manually issue. The integration and automation saves time, reduces manual entry errors and increases overall productivity, helping operations meet Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicator targets.

QUEUE MANAGER is a hosted workflow management solution that helps multi-location and/or multi-account travel agencies increase productivity and save money. The tool manages transactional tasks, tracks agent productivity and identifies gaps in operational processes. It sweeps GDS queues and serves PNR records to agents through a web-based interface, manages other non-automated agency transactional tasks such as e-mails and phone calls, and provides management reports and analyses.

QM XPRESS is expected to be available in the Sabre Red App Centre by the end of the first quarter.


“QUEUE MANAGER has helped many of our agency clients improve operation performance,” said TRX President and CEO David Cathcart . “Some clients have reduced their agent handle time by as much as 48 percent. Our new app for Sabre Red further enhances productivity levels for agents using the tool. Partnering with Sabre to offer QM XPRESS was another way to add value to our clients and offer solutions to agencies looking for increased savings.”

Launched in 2012, the Sabre Red App Centre is the first online marketplace to connect travel buyers, including travel agencies, travel management companies and leisure operators, with application providers from around the world. Using the Red App Centre, travel buyers shop for and deploy business applications that integrate with the capabilities of the Sabre Red Workspace, allowing users to customize their workflow based on their specific needs.