Tourism contributes over £1.3 to Leicester & Leicestershire economy

Tourism contributes over £1.3 to Leicester & Leicestershire economy

Major research shows increases in total economic impact of tourism and tourism numbers

New figures have shown that the visitor economy in Leicester and Leicestershire, UK has grown to over £1.3 billion and tourist numbers to the city and county now stand at over 32.5 million.

The study, conducted during 2008, shows modest growth in the economic impact of tourism from £1.207 billion in the previous year to £1.3018 billion. In addition, tourist numbers have increased by 2.69 per cent, with the spend by staying visitors up by 2.32 per cent, number of day visitor trips up by 3.32 per cent, and employment supported by tourism expenditure up by 1.78 per cent.

The research was funded by East Midlands Tourism and has been conducted by Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor (STEAM). It stems from a sixth major study into the economic impact of tourism at a regional and county level.

Key findings:  2008
Economic impact of tourism     £1.3018bn
Tourist numbers (serviced, non-serviced, SFR, day)    32.591m
Number of staying visitor numbers, both overseas and domestic   3.216m
Number of staying visitor days (i.e. nights), both overseas and domestic     8.698m
Spend by staying visitors, both overseas and domestic   £454.57m
Number of day visitor trips   29.375m
Spend by day visitors   £847.23m
Employment supported by tourism expenditure - full time equivalents*  19,951


Martin Peters, Chief Executive of Leicester Shire Promotions, commented: “Given that the early signs of the economic recession will have impacted these results, we are delighted that Leicester and Leicestershire have shown a growth in tourism. These figures show that we are leading the region in terms of the performance of our tourism sector and this is due reward for the focused activity and hard work of Leicester Shire Promotions and all of its industry partners.

“These figures also demonstrate the value and volume of tourism as a key sector for driving economic recovery. They are a vote of confidence for our funders’ continued investment in tourism,” added Martin Peters.