Sony Ericsson unveils Xperia PLAY

Expectant Sony Ericsson fans have had their first sight of the latest Sony Ericsson Android mobile handset, the Xperia™ PLAY on an Android TV advert. The commercial was aired on television for the first time recently.

The Android commercial was the first televised opportunity consumers had to view the latest Sony Ericsson handset, also dubbed the PlayStation phone. The television commercial displays a man running through a dark city to deliver a pair of scissors to a surgeon character operating on the Android android. The surgeon then removes bandages to reveal the green android’s new human opposable thumbs. Once the viewer has seen this, an image of the Xperia™ PLAY appears on the screen and the retractable gaming pad is displayed.

The Xperia™ PLAY features a retractable pad, which allows the user to play their favorite PlayStation™ games in the same manner they would with a console. The handset, being widely referred to as a PSP phone, includes a D-pad and the same buttons as found on a PlayStation™ controller; the iconic circle, triangle, square and cross.

Further to the television advert, Sony Ericsson fans have also seen a number of teaser posts on the Official Sony Ericsson Facebook page and in the days prior to the commercial being aired, Sony Ericsson asked its Facebook fans if they were excited about the imminent Superbowl. On the day of the game, Sony Ericsson advised their fans to keep a look out for ‘something special during the ad breaks’. Fans have since been able to view and share the video through the Official Sony Ericsson Facebook page.

Ben Padley, Head of Digital and CRM for Sony Ericsson, said: “The Xperia™ PLAY is an uncompromised smartphone with the ultimate gaming experience and is set to revolutionize the way smartphone users play videogames on the move. The user will be able to play many of their favorite PlayStation™ games, whilst also being able to enjoy the same