FYifly.Com launches social event calendar

FYifly.Com launches social event calendar

A new online application is launching in the US that aims to keep users informed about what is going on in their city and surrounding areas, and is designed to interact with Facebook.

Boosted by a social calendar that covers the entire U.S. territory, FYifly provides information about new events, clubs, bands, festivals, or any other upcoming gatherings.

“With over 73% of the online U.S. population on Facebook, FYifly is a great way to immediately let your friends know what you’re up to so other people can join in as well,” says Joe McFerrin, CEO of FYifly.

Users may register for an event, share photos, or add an event of their own. To find out who else is going, users simply click “Everyone attending” or “Friends Attending.”

With just a few mouse clicks, FYifly will assign an event with its own page, where event photos, calendars, maps, descriptions and links can be updated.


“FYiFly gives event planners the ammunition to allow their events to go viral on the web. Once a user finds an event and clicks attending, it is immediately posted to the user’s Facebook wall and becomes visible to that person’s Facebook network. According to Facebook, the average member has 130 friends. If promoters are able to get 10 people mark that they are attending an event, the visibility will be expanded to over 1,300 people. This aspect of FYifly can transform any event to a viral phenomenon,” says Joe McFerrin.

The new FYifly-website was built with a focus on community environment, simplicity, ease of use, clean style and functionality. FYifly apps will be available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices in the near future.