Olympic Holidays to accept assignment of claims against the CAA

Olympic Holidays to accept assignment of claims against the CAA

If you have booked your holiday with Goldtrail Holidays, Goldtrail Travel or Sunmar Olympic Holidays wants to assist you. Olympic Holidays can offer a wide range of holidays, flights and accommodation to replace your Goldtrail or Sunmar holiday and, subject to the conditions below and will accept an assignment of your claim against the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (where your holiday or flight was ATOL protected) in place of payment to them. Of course, if any arrangement you book with Olympic Holidays costs more than your booking with Goldtrail or Sunmar you will have to pay the difference, but otherwise Olympic Holidays want to make sure you get your holiday with as little fuss and inconvenience to you as possible.

To take advantage of this, please call Olympic Holidays Reservations team on 0800 093 3322. A claim form in respect of your Goldtrail/Sunmar booking can be obtained here (or their Reservations team will send you one) complete it and obtain all required documentation as set out in the form and return it to Olympic Holidays fully completed and with all documentation within 5 working days. Provided that it is complete and correct Olympic Holidays will submit your claim to the CAA and receive the payment for the holiday you have booked with them.

The conditions applying to this offer are as follows:

  * Your departure on holiday must be more than 4 weeks away. If it is within 4 weeks there will not be enough time to process your documentation and Olympic Holidays must therefore ask you to pay for any booking made with them and then obtain your refund for your Goldtrail/Sunmar booking from the CAA – although Olympic Holidays still be happy to assist with this.

  * If you paid for your Goldtrail/Sunmar holiday by credit card Olympic Holidays cannot assist as your claim for a refund will most probably be against your credit card company and not the CAA. In this case Olympic Holidays must ask you to pay in full for any booking with them and then pursue your claim for a refund with your credit card company.


  * Sometimes holidays are “dynamically packaged” that is your flights or accommodation only may have been booked with Goldtrail/Sunmar but the remainder of your package with another company. In this case your holiday may not be ATOL protected. If this is so, again Olympic Holidays ask you to pay in full for any booking you make with them but will assist in determining if you have any claim against the CAA possibly for your flight only).
  * If, for any reason your claim form is not returned to Olympic Holidays fully completed and with all required documentation within 5 working days, or your claim is not later accepted by the CAA for any reason, you will be required to pay in full for any booking you have made with them.