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Meridiana Fly opts for Lufthansa Systems

Meridiana Fly opts for Lufthansa Systems

The Italian airline Meridiana Fly has opted for the ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt solution from Lufthansa Systems to optimize its revenue management. Both companies recently signed a six-year contract to this effect. With this IT solution, the airline will be able to better steer its saleable capacities which makes it possible to enhance its revenues.

“We need to adapt quickly to changes in demand and the competitive environment to continue being successful in the market. With ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt, we can improve our revenue management and become more competitive,” explains Leonardo Cesarini, Chief Commercial Officer of Meridiana Fly.

ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt is a leading revenue management solution for the airline industry. It has been specifically designed for the needs of mid-size airlines and low-cost carriers. Even airlines already using another revenue management system can increase their profitability and market share with this solution. By switching to ProfitLine/Yield Rembrandt, a typical mid-size airline can increase its revenues by up to USD 6 million per year. The system covers all core processes of revenue management – from data loading and demand forecasting to optimizing availability data – and also offers an extensive reporting tool.

“A high-performance revenue management system is crucial to the success and growth of an airline. Meridiana Fly will be able to benefit from our solution soon,” explains Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at Lufthansa Systems.

Meridiana Fly is based in Olbia in Sardinia and offers regional as well as international and intercontinental flights. With a fleet of 35 aircraft, the airline serves 50 destinations worldwide. Meridiana Fly is already using the Lufthansa Systems Airline Operations Solutions Lido/Flight, Lido/RouteManual and Lido/FMS.