Magnolia Hotels rebrands to meet new demands

Magnolia Hotels rebrands to meet new demands

Denver-based Magnolia Hotels Management has been renamed Stout Street Hospitality in order to reflect its revamped goals of strategically expanding the company.

The new organisation will seek to focus on branded hotels and resorts, franchise opportunities, construction, extended stay and its core product – historic, independent boutique hotels.

Leigh Hitz, president of Stout Street Hospitality, said: “We are extremely pleased to be taking our company in this new direction.

“We can now further evaluate growth opportunities and expand our presence in the industry while retaining the Magnolia moniker on our four current properties.”

The privately held management company controls and manages Magnolia brand hotels in Dallas, Denver, Houston, Omaha, and holds a third party management contract in Bryan, Texas.

The properties have flourished as independent, boutique hotels emphasizing in style and comfort.

The company plans to grow the Magnolia brand while diversifying into other areas.

The name Stout Street Hospitality comes from the street on which the company operates in the heart of downtown Denver.