Kuoni’s Special Occasions Travel Survey revealed

Kuoni’s Special Occasions Travel Survey revealed

Leading travel brand Kuoni, has just announced the results of a UK wide survey that looked at the leading reasons why people take a holiday and where they go.  With many people now trying to decide when, where and why to take a holiday in 2013 the results of the Special Occasions Travel Survey, which polled 819 Brits over December 2012 via social media channels, unearthed 19 key reasons for travel and the top destinations for these trips.

Whilst the obvious triggers of special birthdays (61%), honeymoons (49%), wedding anniversaries (40%) come in with robust results, the survey showed a growing variety of other holiday triggers such as self-treating after a period of hard-work (coming in at a strong 40%), fulfilling ones ‘Bucket List’ (19%) and getting a new relationship off to a flying start (at 14%).

Although netting smaller percentages, triggers such as recovering from an illness (7%), spending part of an inheritance (4%), babymoons (3%), and divorce (2%) appeared as significant motives to travel.  It seems that we are now experts at identifying the excuses we need to take a break from life back home, and we increasingly recognising that holidays provide the ‘feel-good factor’ we need to keep us going.

The survey threw up some highly amusing stories too.  80 year old Mr Brent-Smith cited: “Crushing my wife’s right thumb with a slip of a welly on the clutch of a vintage Little Grey Ferguson Tractor” as his excuse to travel.  He continues: “as compensation after an operation inserting a stainless steel plate screwed into the bones of her right thumb with four nuts and bolts, I took her for a weekend in Paris.  This was a great success.  She claimed against me on my tractor insurance and used part of the money for us both to go business class to Sri Lanka, all because of a broken thumb!  I later offered to break the thumb of her left hand, so that we could have another holiday in Paris - and possibly a holiday to the Maldives on the proceeds, but sadly, for some good reason known only to her, she declined my generous offer!”

The survey’s top 19 reasons to travel, and where we go, break down as follows: -


*  Special Birthday 61%  (top five destinations comprising: USA, Italy, Caribbean/Maldives, UK)
*  Honeymoon 49% (top five: Maldives, USA, Caribbean, Thailand, Italy/UK)
*  Wedding Anniversary 40%  (top five: Caribbean, Maldives, USA, Thailand, Mauritius)
*  Treat for Working Hard 40% (top five: USA, Caribbean, Maldives, Thailand, Spain)
*  Bucket List 19% (top three: USA, Australia, Maldives)
*  Girls Break/Hen 16% (top three: Spain, UK, France/USA)
*  New Relationship 14% (top three: France, Maldives, Thailand/UK)
*  New Job/Gap Between Jobs 11% (top three: USA, New Zealand, Sri Lanka)
*  Retirement 8% (top three: USA, South Africa, Thailand)
*  Recovery from Illness 7% (most popular: Caribbean)
*  Graduation 5% (most popular: USA)
*  Work Promotion 5% (most popular: Thailand)
*  Redundancy 5% (most popular: Caribbean/Thailand)
*  Boys Break/Stag 4% (most popular: USA)
*  Inheritance 4% (most popular: USA)
*  Pre Children/Babymoon 3% (most popular: Canaries)
*  Fitness 2% (most popular: Caribbean)
*  Kids Left Home 2% (most popular: Caribbean)
*  Divorce 2% (most popular: Thailand)

Other reasons to travel included: -

*  New Year celebrations and Christmas-time
*  Engagements, Renewal of wedding vows, Valentines, Mother’s Day and other birthdays
*  Returning home after 6-month temporary accommodation due to flooding!
*  After detachment with the military
*  Meet with friends and family reunions (if they live overseas)
*  Death of both parentsBeing given an eviction notice!

Psychotherapist Christine Webber says: “Travel is an investment for the future as well as the present.  Landmark times in our lives stand out in our history – and they define the quality of our relationships and how we think about them. By travelling somewhere memorable to celebrate significant events, we imbue these occasions with a unique and special feel.  We turn them into red-letter days.  We acknowledge that we made a real effort to elevate them and enshrine them in our memories.  And when we revisit them – by leafing through the photo album or playing our old travel videos – we can enjoy again the importance and joy that we felt at the time.”

Says Derek Jones, Kuoni’s Managing Director: “Time away with our loved ones is so precious, to many it could be the true meaning of luxury and for others it’s the stuff family memories are made from.  Whatever ones motives, taking a holiday is a landmark in our busy lives, something to keep us going as we look forward to it, and sustain us as we reminisce over it.”