ITF comes out in support of strike action at Turkish Airlines

ITF comes out in support of strike action at Turkish Airlines

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has condemned the Turkish government’s continuing attempts to deprive citizens of their right to strike, and spoke out in support of airline workers who are resisting its draconian plans.

The government is attempting to bring in a legislative amendment that would effectively ban strikes in the aviation industry.

Members of the Hava-Is trade union working at Turkish Airlines and Turkish Technic are resisting, going on mass sick leave.

Gabriel Mocho, ITF civil aviation section secretary, stated: “This latest government ploy would remove what should be the inalienable right to withdraw your labour. Already, as part of savage anti-union legislation, go-slows, solidarity strikes, general strikes and workplace occupations are banned, along with strikes over the non-observance of collective labour agreements.”

He continued: “This legislation appears to be a deliberate attempt to target the very existence of the Hava-Is union. Its members’ protests have been ignored.

“The government’s intransigence – exemplified by the reported sending today of security forces to airports – has left union members no alternative to taking this latest action. We commend them for making this brave move to defend their most basic rights.”

Turkish Airlines was forced to cancel 104 flights today following the action.