Hotelzon launches updated hotel booking tool

Hotelzon launches updated hotel booking tool

Hotelzon International has added further enhancements to its industry-renowned hotel booking tool, Hotelzon Online.

Version 7.4 now offers corporate and travel agency users key new features such as Travel Report which provides an instant summary of all reservations for an organisation, including the locations and hotels where their travellers are booked to stay.

Travel Report is an immediate benefit in support of crisis management and duty of care procedures, and users can opt to have the hotels booked shown on a map as a pictorial snapshot of their travellers’ reservations.

Jani Kaskinen, chief executive Hotelzon said: “Hotelzon has always provided customers with booking tools which help drive compliancy with their own travel policies.

“Hotelzon Online’s Travel Report is a feature which takes this support to the next level, and travellers can now be easily located if a crisis or danger threatens.”

Additional new functionality allows corporate users to share hotel reviews across a business unit, add different types of payment methods according to the traveller, the hotel or location used, and to see all of their own reservation activity through selecting ‘My Bookings’.

Of particular interest to the travel agency user are features which display all of the companies they book for, the ability to apply pre-saved messages to hotels by company in several languages, as well as a rate change summary for client confirmations which detail the rate charged for each date of a multiple night reservation.

“As ever, we have listened to our customers and have responded to their needs through the developments included in the latest version of our online booking tool. 

“Hotelzon is totally committed to providing ‘best in class’ technology and we already have more innovative features lined up for the next system release later this year,” concluded Kaskinen.