Group travel planner Azavista launches in UK

Group travel planner Azavista launches in UK

Group travel and meeting planning can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Most online group travel solutions involve lengthy e-mail discussions and numerous phone calls, often leading to miscommunication.

Planners, agents and hotels recognise the growing need for a standardised system to help make the process easier and more efficient. Azavista provides the group travel industry with a fresh approach.

“Our solution will save the group travel industry €1 Billion per year,” said JP van der Kuijl, CEO of Azavista. “Our vision is that planners and hotels will use Azavista to create smarter business connections facilitating the group travel process, saving time and money.”

Azavista is a free, online Request for Proposal and booking platform that allows users to arrange meetings, conferences and hotel accommodation for group travel.

Azavista just launched a demo to help planners and agents understand the system and send out test RFPs to experience the negotiation process.


Azavista enables planners to send out requests, monitor responses, conduct negotiations, and follow-up on bookings with over 40,000 three, four and five star hotels suitable for group travel and meetings. In turn, hotels can manage requests from one standard platform. Azavista can assist hotels in growing business and help save time and money. Azavista does not interfere with commissions and still permits users to maintain direct contact.

“We use important input from our customers to shape how our management software is developed and implemented,” said van der Kuijl. “The more we understand challenges, the more we can do to help solve them.”

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