Geckos Adventures unveils re-brand

Geckos Adventures unveils re-brand

Not one for the faint hearted, this month Geckos Adventures has unveiled re-brand - sensitive souls, nuns, vicars and auntie Nora had better look away now as it is accompanied by sage advice including “one man’s pet is another man’s meat” and “may your heart be light, your step swift and your stories f***ing epic”.

The new Geckos Adventures brochure is landing in travel agencies this month and is the antithesis of the traditional staid glossy brochures travellers are accustomed to. 

In a deliberate move to speak to their travellers in a way that resonates with them, gone are the picture perfect shots of wispy clouds reflected in pristine clear waters and enter the dramatic blur of bull running, camels loaded onto the back of a pickup truck, planking in the forest and a bouquet of condom flowers.

All the images in the brochure have been shot by Geckos Adventures travellers and guides to reflect what people will see on a tour, not a twee romanticised image of a destination and have been selected to offer insight into the reality of a Geckos Adventure.

The campaign has adopted a “Run Wild” slogan centred around the Australian brand’s core philosophy and with its new found voice, Geckos Adventures is calling out to the 18 – 35 year old traveller looking to navigate the world in a way they’ve never dared to.

By offering experiences that veer away from a fixed schedule, each of the group tour specialist’s itineraries has been subtly refreshed whilst still featuring strong elements of spontaneity and authentic local experiences with native guides. 

All the dramatic and subtle changes to the Geckos Adventures brand have been designed to promote the core essence of what always made a Geckos tour epic in the first place, an adventure for travellers who want to share experiences with like-minded people and want to avoid the structure and sense of rigidness that come with other tour providers. 

The Geckos Adventures website has also undergone a complete overhaul and now features stunning raw videos with a Jumanji-like call to join in the adventure as well as updates on last minute deals, customer reviews and destination insights.

Glenyce Johnson, Geckos Adventures managing director, said: “We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished with our contemporary look.

“We are not trying to be controversial for controversy’s sake – our new branding has been carefully thought through to speak to our travellers openly and cutting out all the usual marketing fluff.

“Geckos Adventures travel is all about navigating the world on your own terms and embracing that sense of awe that comes with being out of your comfort zone so hopefully our customers will relate to our concept and embrace the style of freedom that comes as a result of travelling with us – our guides won’t tell you when it is time for bed!

“We’re still the same: Great trips, great experiences and great value. But we’ve found our voice…and we’re not afraid to use it.”