Dream holidays don’t always mean sweet dreams

Dream holidays don’t always mean sweet dreams

Almost a third of HolidayExtras.com customers say they don’t sleep as well when they’re on holiday as they do at home.

In a recent poll, 29 per cent of customers said they preferred their own bed and found it harder to nod off between strange sheets.

However, 32 per cent said they slept better on holiday, either because of the fresh air and sunshine (21 per cent) or because they were escaping their daily worries (11 per cent).

38 per cent said they slept neither better nor worse - but an unhappy one per cent were never able to fully relax, and said they slept badly on holiday because they were worrying about things at home.

Men slumbered more soundly than women, with only 24 per cent of them having trouble away from home, compared with 37 per cent of women.


Mike Whiting, managing editor of HolidayExtras.com, said: “Yes, holidays are meant to be relaxing, but sometimes there’s an element of missing home and familiar things too.

“It doesn’t mean people aren’t enjoying their break - a third of people in the UK have bouts of insomnia and sometimes being in a different bed or a different place is all it takes to disturb someone’s sleep.”