Breaking Travel News urges travellers to protect their holiday from tsunami urges travellers to protect their holiday from tsunami

As tsunami warnings are issued for Indonesia, India and Thailand, UK travellers can protect their holidays with

The UK’s market-leading travel add-ons provider offers Natural Catastrophe cover, as an addition to standard holiday insurance, that minimises losses incurred through earthquake, tsunami, flooding and other natural disasters.

The policy covers up to £1,500 of costs that cannot be claimed for holiday services booked and paid for in advance including flight, holiday hotel, car hire and pre-arranged excursions.

Natural Catastrophe cover is available as an add-on to customers booking airport parking or an airport hotel through the company.

Andrea Clayton, Head of Insurance and Travel Trade Partnerships for, said: “The Foreign Office has not placed any restrictions on these areas so there will be thousands of British holidaymakers who still need to travel under the threat of a tsunami.


“Natural Catastrophe cover can be booked alongside our airport parking and hotel packages. It’s a very easy and cheap way to protect your finances and your family in such an uncertain situation.”