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Too Fat to fly? Should excess body weight should be taxed?

Too Fat to fly? Should excess body weight should be taxed?

When it comes to excess weight on a plane, Brits think we should all pay our fair share, and with body weight affecting fuel consumption in the same way as excess baggage, it’s not surprising travellers want a ‘fat tax’

In a new poll from leading travel add-ons provider,, nearly half of the people asked (48%) felt that overweight passengers should be charged extra to board their flight. Men In particular think that those carrying excessive body weight should pay the price, with 51% of men in favour of additional charges compared to 43% of women.

James Lewis, Head of Online Partnerships at, said: “The world is getting fatter - and this is becoming a big issue. Being an overweight passenger affects your travelling companions, physically and financially. If we have to pay extra for excess baggage, it’s only fair that we pay extra for excessive body weight.

“Sitting next to a large person on a plane can sometimes reduce the space that you have to relax, so maybe airlines should offer some of the revenue from the additional ticket cost to the person sitting next to the fat person too.”