Century Cruises offers the latest in comfort and convenience

Century Cruises offers the latest in comfort and convenience

The largest standard deluxe cabin, advanced central air-conditioning, two glass-enclosed elevators on almost every ship, Internet in every cabin, grand atrium lobbies, and world-class, onboard European management are some of the unique features of the Century Cruises fleet. They are features found nowhere else except on the youngest fleet on the Yangtze River, owned and operated by Century Cruises.

“Every ship we built has introduced a brand new technological and hospitality innovation, such as a private balcony for every cabin, glass elevators so you never miss a moment of sightseeing, and in-cabin drinking water faucets – and every feature was built with the utmost comfort of our passengers in mind,” remarked Mr. Alex Ye, Century’s Vice President, Marketing. “With larger private and public spaces, our passengers can truly ‘stretch their legs’ and enjoy the cruise experience, whether in their cabins or relaxing on-decks with fellow travelers.”

With the popularity of Yangtze River cruises increasing every year, Century has announced plans to introduce two new ships in 2012, with additional ships on the schedule that could potentially bring their fleet to 10 by 2015 – making them the largest cruise line on the Yangtze River. The new ships will introduce revolutionary technology such as electric propellers and the integration of propeller and rudder that will make the ships highly maneuverable, more eco-friendly and, most importantly, exceptionally quiet. With vibration kept to a minimum, passengers will forget they are actually onboard a ship, and enjoy a choice of great Western and Chinese cuisine, exceptional entertainment, and rewarding health, nutrition, exercise, and other seminars – as well as spectacular views. Century’s new ships will also feature thermostat-controlled swimming pools and HD Cinema.

“While the latest in passenger comfort is our goal, passenger safety is also a top priority. We are the only Yangtze River cruise line to receive an award for our commitment to safety and reliability,” said Mr. Ye. “With our world-class service, technology, and expansive cabins and public spaces, Century passengers enjoy superior hospitality while being treated to some of the most spectacular sights in the world and a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.”

The Century 5-Star fleet is composed of the Century Star, Century Sky, Century Sun, Century Diamond, and Century Emerald. Century cruises are currently featured in the programs of many Century cruises are currently featured in the programs of many internationally known tour operators including Princess Cruises and Tours, AHI Travel, Gate One Travel, Travel Bound, Go Ahead Tours, Kuoni Travel, and TUI Travel.


“We are looking forward to welcoming more American travelers in 2012 and beyond. They will find we offer all the comfort and convenience one would expect of the most advanced river cruise fleet on the Yangtze,” said Mr. Ye.