Century Cruises 5 star fleet offers ‘A view to Thrill’

Century Cruises 5 star fleet offers ‘A view to Thrill’

For many of the ever-growing number of Americans visiting China, a cruise on the mighty and mysterious Yangtze River is a must. It is an experience that captures the essence of the country, its most awe-inspiring scenery, and provides a close-up look at China’s amazing social and technological transition. Among the most dynamic, modern, and fastest growing of the cruise lines traversing the Yangtze is Century Cruises.

Operating a fleet of luxurious, 5-Star rated cruise ships that include the Century Star, Century Sky, Century Sun, Century Diamond, and Century Emerald, Century Cruises is the only cruise line on the Yangtze whose entire fleet was built after 2003. Its ships boast the largest standard deluxe cabins of any cruise line on the Yangtze, with 278 sq. feet of space. In addition, every cabin has a private balcony, providing passengers with front-row seat to some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Soaring atrium lobbies and spacious sundecks add to the sense of luxury.

The personal needs of Century’s passengers are attended to by a professional European concierge service. Passengers enjoy Western-style dining and Chinese buffets, and can upgrade to sumptuous, 4-course Western-style meals for dinner. They are also provided with a variety of live entertainment and a choice of onboard leisure activities, such as cultural performances, calligraphy classes, and Chinese cooking lessons. And all of the Century ships feature Internet access and top international cable channels, such as CNN and HBO.

The cruise line has also recently announced the construction of two new luxury vessels to be added to its Yangtze fleet. With the addition of these new ships, Century will have one of the strongest presences on the river.

The Yangtze is the world’s third largest river, and thanks to the construction of the monumental “Three Gorges Dam,” it is the only the river in the world that can be explored by cruise ship all year around. The dam project made the river deeper and its channels safe to navigate. Prior to that, the river was changeable and unpredictable due to the shallow water and narrow channels in winter. Century Cruises’ itineraries feature an excursion to the Three Gorges Dam and passage through the spectacular Qutang, Xiling, and Wu Gorges.


Century cruises are currently featured in the programs of a number of well-established U.S. tour operators, including Viking River Cruises, Gate One Travel, Princess Cruises and Tours, Travel Bound, and Vantage Travel. And the cruise line is anticipating adding to its roster of tour operator partners in 2012.