Unveils New Airfare Booking Engine

today unveiled a break-through airfare booking engine designed to deliver a minimum of 220 flight options in a single search. Now available through the Partner Program, the new booking engine will allow other online businesses to either start earning top tier commissions on airfare ticket sales, or increase their current revenue on this popular travel product.

There are several features, which make the new booking engine one with earning power:

á      Affiliate/Corporate Partners earn the highest level of commission among competitive Partner Programs.

á      Travelers can easily specify the flight options that fit their needs, including: Cabin Preference, Airline Preference, as well as the ability to book within three hours of departure.


á      Flight options are easily compared through a convenient Fare Summary, a quick-view grid display, which shows the number of stops and price for each flight.

á      OneTravel offers the only airfare booking engine to offer this comprehensive grid format for international airfare.

á      Search results can be sorted by price, departure time, arrival time, or shortest flight.

á      Once preferred flight options are identified, FareCompare?” displays selected flights side-by-side for effortless decision-making. Travelers can evaluate flights from multiple searches to compare different travel dates or even alternate departure cities.

á      Consumers can email their flight choices to a friend or themselves with the click of a button.


“For several years, travel has occupied the number one position in e-commerce. This fact not only makes the online travel business an attractive and lucrative industry, but it also translates into a highly competitive atmosphere,” states Michael Thomas, president and CEO of


“For this reason, businesses seeking to enter this industry must choose their partners wisely. The OneTravel Partner Program not only offers the most advanced, sophisticated technology, such as the new airfare booking engine, but it also offers a complete family of value-added travel products. When shopping for travel, consumers do their homework - online travel retailers need to make sure they’re offering the most competitive products.”


Online businesses can start earning money from airfare ticket sales and other travel products today. Joining the OneTravel Partner Program is free and only requires five minutes to set up a completely operational online travel business. Once travel pages are set up, there’s no maintenance for the online retailer. OneTravel handles all customer service, fulfillment, and other travel-related services. For every sale, OneTravel partners are paid a lucrative commission, even if the partner’s customer books directly with the site.


To learn more about the Partner Program, go to


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