Abacus International Unveils its New Brand

Abacus International

, Asia Pacificå‘s leading Global Distribution Services provider and travel facilitator today unveiled its new brand at a launch ceremony as it enters its 15th year of achievements.

According to Abacus President and CEO Don Birch, the change goes beyond the new brand.  It is a new positioning as it reflects both its history and direction moving forward, “The global travel industry has gone through massive changes since Abacus was founded, both in the way people travel and the places they travel to. As a company, we have grown with our travel agent customers and the customers they serve and we are reflecting that change with our new branding.  It is part of an initiative to create a distinct brand identity and character.”

The new Abacus logo is changing in shape and typeface and will still have red as its focal colour, but a much richer, purer red. In the new logo, the generous red space above the Abacus name conveys a sense of movement and reassurance.

“We believe our new logo combines the best of our Asian heritage along with a modern look,” Mr Birch added.
Supporting the logo will be complete update of the Company’s look and feel.  The new image will give a strong sense of leadership, energy and the essence of partnership in our success.


Abacus International was established in 1988 to provide comprehensive travel information and customised GDS services to clients in the Asian region. Over the past 15 years, Abacus has grown from strength to strength and is now considered to be a leading voice in all matters concerning the travel industry.

“Our new positioning and brand are the results of a year’s work talking to various stakeholders to see how we can continue to deliver more value to them.  Our businesses have grown increasingly mature and sophisticated since we first started and we have now become a well-known name in the travel industry. We have seen a travel industry in flux - innovations in technology, expansions into new markets and challenging times. From this we have adapted, learned lessons and applied what we know to help the industry remain strong. We believe it is now a suitable time to build upon this by unveiling the new chapter of Abacus’ growth, ” Mr Birch said.

He added that the new positioning is also a platform for change within the internal network between the Abacus International headquarters in Singapore and its National Marketing Company (NMC) offices across the world. “We are fusing international best practice with local expertise through our global and local operations and partnerships to be better able to address our customers’ needs and improve our marketing efficiency.”

Abacus’ new logo isn’t the only logo receiving a fresh look - all of Abacus’ solutions are receiving an update to reflect the company’s master brand.



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