Announces Customizable Cruise Solutions, a leading travel inventory provider for online businesses, today announced a brand new family of customizable cruise access solutions, allowing partners in the travel industry to control up to 100 percent of their revenues. Additionally, the company appoints travel industry veteran Annette Hogan to lead the product introductions in the marketplace.

OneTravel has developed four cruise access solutions, which are built on a mixture of innovative, proprietary technology and the latest version of Amadeus’ Application Programming Interface (API). This combination blends local information and real-time access to cruise line inventory to deliver the best response times. Additionally, the flexible business model allows partners to customize their cruise access based on need - whether they desire a long-term solution, offering total revenue control, or a short-term fix in which content, technology, and fulfillment are provided by OneTravel. The four models include:

Co-branded Cruise Web Site - An easy, no maintenance solution providing cruise content, technology, and fulfillment with no up-front costs.

Private Label Cruise Web Site - Content, technology, and fulfillment services are housed in a customized user interface. Maintains existing look and feel as well as branding integrity of the partner’s Web site.

Cruise API - Provides guidance and documentation to help partners establish their own cruise connectivity. A long-term solution toward complete ownership and revenue control.

API Plus - Provides guidance and formal documentation for connectivity as well as access to robust cruise content, including cruise descriptions, cabin categories, deck plans, amenities, and more.

“There are two aspects that set our cruise solutions apart from our competitors - not only do we provide unique technology platforms, but also unprecedented flexibility,” states Mike Putman, president of OneTravel’s vacation and cruise division. “These features allow our partners to control as much of the process, and revenue, as they like. No other provider delivers this much customization.”

The Amadeus API, version 2.0, serves as the technology cornerstone of these solutions, delivering a single, all-in-one interface that links to a variety of cruise lines. Amadeus added cruise booking capabilities to its already successful API solution to enable online travel players to offer their Internet-savvy consumers the ability to book their own cruise vacations online.


Leading the sales process is Annette Hogan, industry veteran and principal of Miami-based ahogancompany, a sales and marketing consulting firm. Hogan will be working with OneTravel exclusively on their cruise access products, bringing her 25 years of travel industry experience to create branding, sales, and marketing materials for the new product line.

For more information on any of OneTravel’s cruise access solutions, please visit Or, contact Annette Hogan at (305) 754-1937 or via email at [email protected]