United Expands EasyUpdate with Microsoft.net Alert

United Airlines

today announced that its
industry-leading EasyUpdate service has been expanded to support
Microsoft .NET Alert so customers can receive important flight
notifications - via instant messaging - to their personal computers
or mobile devices. There are currently more than 100 million Microsoft
instant messaging users worldwide.
“United is the first airline to offer instant messaging notifications
to its customers,” said John Tague, Executive Vice President -
Customer.  “This innovation builds on United`s commitment to provide
customers with flexible and convenient communication options.  Given
the popularity of instant messaging, we felt that incorporating this
popular Microsoft technology into our EasyUpdate service would meet the
needs of a great number of our customers.  Also, the urgency of flight
information makes instant message notifications via Microsoft . NET
Alerts a unique way for customers to stay updated. “

EasyUpdate delivers travel notifications regarding flight departures,
delays, cancellations, rebooking, seat upgrades and schedule change
information.  Customers select the notifications they want to receive
and where they want to receive them.  They can request any number of
notifications to be sent to any combination of devices they choose.  In
addition to Microsoft .NET Alert notifications, customers can receive a
phone call at home, at work, on their cell phone, receive an email, a
fax or a message in their pager or other text-enabled wireless device.

To sign on, customers need to log on to united.com/easyupdate and
enroll using their Mileage Plus number.  Once registered, EasyUpdate
will automatically activate every time they fly with United.

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