InterContinental Hotels Offers Digital In-Room Entertainment and Services

InterContinental Hotels Group, the most global hotel company, has signed a letter of intent with Quadriga Worldwide Ltd to upgrade their existing VHS based in-room entertainment systems to Quadrigaå‘s digital streaming technology in their premium brand hotels across Europe.

For the next five years upgrades of in-room entertainment systems for any of the group’s owned, leased and managed InterContinental
and Crowne Plaza hotels in Europe will be made exclusively with Quadriga’s Genesis system (Quadriga is the preferred supplier for the franchised venues). Genesis gives guests a choice of digital quality films, music and high speed Internet - all on demand.

Hotels upgraded to Genesis
will be able to download the latest films and music via satellite onto their server. Content is then sent on-demand to hotel rooms along standard phone/data cabling using advanced digital streaming technology. Once in the room guests can enjoy films and music in DVD/CD quality. If they need to take a call or leave the room they can pause and bookmark content and pick it up later.

Guests at the InterContinental and Crowne Plaza hotels will also be able to take advantage of the broadband Internet connection which comes as part of the Genesis package. Guests will be able to use their laptops or the Internet on TV facility to send or receive emails, download attachments or browse the web at broadband speeds.

John McKenna, Director of Purchasing of InterContinental Hotels Group for Europe, Middle East and Africa says: “Offering choice and innovation is of the utmost importance to us.  With the ever changing demands in technology, it is vital to give the guest what they need.  We want to exceed our guests` expectations to offer the best entertainment and services during their stay.”


Ben Andradi, Quadriga’s CEO, says that the system will open up a number of revenue generating services for Genesis equipped hotels. “InterContinental Hotels will now be able to offer guests a potentially limitless amount of content and services. Hundreds of films are already available in over 10 languages and our music catalogue is growing by the day”.
He added: “Wireless access to the Internet is already built into the software - giving Hotels the option to provide guests with the opportunity to use the web wherever they are in the hotel. Over time we will be able to tailor films or music to guests individual tastes. We will be working in partnership with InterContinental Hotels over the next five years to develop Genesis so they can stay ahead of the competition and meet guests rising expectations.”

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