William J. Hannigan Named to President Bush`s Information Technology Advisory Committee

The White House has announced that President Bush intends to appoint Sabre Holdings Corporation Chairman and CEO William J. Hannigan as an advisor on the President`s Information Technology Advisory Committee. The committee meets four times a year in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Hannigan
was named yesterday along with 24 of the nation`s leading IT experts from industry and academia to provide guidance to the Administration regarding vital information technologies.

“I am honored that President Bush has chosen me as an advisor on this committee,” said William J. Hannigan, Chairman and CEO, Sabre Holdings. “I am looking forward to providing input to maintain America`s leadership in advanced information technologies.”

The President`s Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) was established by Executive Order and is chartered by Congress under the High- Performance Computing Act of 1991 (P. L. 102-194) and the Next Generation Internet Act of 1998 (P. L. 105-305). PITAC will help guide the Administration`s efforts to accelerate the development and adoption of information technologies vital for American prosperity in the 21st century.

The members of PITAC, who are leading IT experts from industry and academia, will provide the President with expert, independent advice on maintaining America`s preeminence in advanced information technologies, including such important elements of the national IT infrastructure as high performance computing, large-scale networking, and high assurance software and systems design.