Worldspan Wins Hotwire Contract for Air Bookings

, the leading technology provider for travel, today announced a major technology agreement with
, a leading discount travel site, to power Hotwireå‘s airline bookings.
As part of the new partnership, Worldspan will supply Hotwire with an enhanced technology agreement, which includes a range of essential technology services and utilizes state-of-the-art pricing solutions such as Worldspan e-PricingSM and Worldspan Power Shopper to support Hotwire’s air business.

Worldspan is the undisputed leader in e-commerce for the travel industry, providing Internet booking solutions and services to four of the five largest online travel sites. Worldspan processes the vast majority of all online travel agency bookings.

“Our new partnership with Hotwire puts an exclamation point on Worldspan’s leadership position in travel e-commerce,” commented Paul J. Blackney
, president and CEO for Worldspan. “With their successful discount business model and dedication to the consumer, Hotwire has become the fastest growing travel seller on the Internet, and we are very proud to have earned their business. Superior technology is the key, certainly, but our flexibility to adapt that technology to fit the customer’s specific needs truly sets Worldspan apart from our rivals.”

“We are pleased to be working with the leader in online travel technology. True to its reputation, Worldspan has gone above and beyond to provide Hotwire with the solutions and technical support we need to serve our customers,” said Karl Peterson
, Hotwire president and CEO. “The transition to Worldspan technology has been seamless for our customers and, due to Worldspan’s efforts, trouble-free for Hotwire.”

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