Interactive Water World Opens in Belgium

The much anticipated Hidrodoe - a unique World of Water - has opened for its first season.

Situated near Herentals, to the east of Antwerp, the 5000 sq-m interactive park is the creation of Pidpa, a Belgian water company which distributes water throughout the province, and aims to educate visitors on issues which include sustainable development and water conservation.

Hidrodoe`s central area is the Waterworld, which contains numerous water experiences including the Drop, a multimedia show on the value of water in everyday life; the What is Water Zone, where visitors can take part in water-based scientific experiments; the History Cave, concentrating on the essence of water; Landscape, outlining the role of water in the world, and the Aqua Station, a computer-based interactive site posing various scenarios on the future of water.

Drop: Visitors set on the heaving waves and witness a multimedia on the priceless asset of water in everyday life.

What Is Water Zone: Walk through the aggregation tunnel, launch a hydrogen rocket or and perform scientific experiments.

History Cave: Discover the rich history of water and enjoy a colourful fresco - with a range of image, sound and light effects - from prehistory to date.

Landscape: Visitors walk under the waterfall and discover the role of water in the world. Claimed to be an unparalleled experience while walking past mountain and valley, desert and city, until reaching the vast sea.

Aqua Station: Looks at the futuristic role of water. Here, visitors can take things into their own hands and enter into the confrontation with an intelligent computer, which presents challenges with various scenarios on the future of water.

Water Gardens: The southern garden is directly linked to Waterworld, while the northern garden offers a place of relaxation in an oasis of murmuring water and calming greenery.

Together with a WaterShop and an Internet Café - the [email protected], this interactive water centre is an impressive and unusual venture with one clear mission - to educate, inform and delight the general public on all aspects of water.