Sabre Virtually There Offers Travel Alerts and Information

Sabre Holdings Corporation today announced `Travel Alerts and Information,` a special addition to the Sabre Virtually There Web site .

`Travel Alerts and Information` gives travelers access to ongoing information about the current travel environment, including recent news updates, helpful travel information, and up-to-date travel warnings to help them make informed decisions about their travel plans. It provides the following essential travel information:

Airport security procedures: security procedures, baggage security checkpoints, passenger security checkpoints, gate screening and permitted and prohibited items.

Travel alerts: links to advisories and alerts through Web sites including Nationwide Intelligence, the U.S. Department of State and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Overseas travel: important information for overseas travel, such as contact information for United States embassies and consulates, The National Center for Infectious Diseases, The World Health Organization and United States Customs.

Updated travel contact information: phone numbers for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines and other transportation, such as trains and buses.

Airport Web sites: links to Web sites for the majority of American and international airports.

Travel provider bulletins: access to airline, car rental company, hotel and cruise announcements.

Extensive Q&A: information about check-in times and delays, documentation required to travel, paper and e-tickets, flight changes and flight restrictions.

Sabre Virtually There is a personalized site that delivers real-time information about an individual`s travel plans when they book their trip through a Sabre Connected(SM) travel agent, online booking site, or participating airline. In addition to containing all components of a traveler`s itinerary, the site provides real-time information on flights, gate assignments and weather, as well as destination information and special features for booking restaurants, specialty tours, attraction tickets, car rental and hotels.

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