OctopusTravel.com Officially Launches in North America

OctopusTravel.com, the first website of its kind to combine the personal customer service of an experienced tour operator with cutting edge technology, announces its official North American launch.
Owned by travel industry leader Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA), OctopusTravel.com
clients have access to 1,700 travel experts in its worldwide customer service offices, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ensuring that the client experiences travel without the headache, these experts assist both leisure and business travelers every step of the way, assisting with hotel accommodations and services, city packages, transfers, sightseeing, and attractions.

Users can navigate OctopusTravel.com in seven different languages including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The site also features destination-specific travel guides, weather forecasts, currency converters, visa information and user-friendly links to health and travel research. Additionally, OctopusTravel.com is able to leverage GTA`s global strength to offer competitive rates at more than 15,000 hotels that have been professionally selected. And, unlike other travel web sites where advertised prices can be higher once taxes and fees are added, OctopusTravel.com posts prices that include all taxes and service charges upfront.

“According to industry research and consumer feedback there is clearly a demand in the North American market for in-depth travel experience and honest, dependable service,” says Mayor Caspi, CEO of OctopusTravel.com. “Travelers need what we offer: a tourism mentor with worldwide strength and personalized customer service. We are committed to our slogan `travel without headache` and we promise to be there for our clients, every step of the way.”

A January 21-24, 2003 NFP Plog On-TRAK Poll found that 74% of American travelers seek more personal service when booking travel on web sites. In addition, nearly all (91%) travelers prefer access to hotel reservations and travel services from worldwide travel experts who can assist them anytime of day from anywhere in the world.
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