Hyatt Deploys DelphiTM at Two Hotels in Dubai

Hyatt International Corp.
recently deployed Newmarket International Inc.`s DelphiTM Multi-Property Edition automated sales and catering software at two conference-center hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to gain cross-selling capabilities and bolster business, margins and service.

John Prusnick, Director of Corporate Technology for Hyatt International, said the investment in Delphi Multi-Property Edition at both the 664-room Grand Hyatt Dubai and the 400-room Hyatt Regency Dubai is expected to position the neighboring properties to increase their profitability and productivity, as well as service delivery.
“Delphi Multi-Property Edition`s sales, marketing and catering tech tools will provide a better return for the operators of these world-class Hyatt conference centers by automating related processes and maximizing the hotels` account coverage,” Prusnick said.

Hyatt International is deploying Newmarket International solutions
—including Delphi Multi-Property Edition, NetDelphiTM Sales Edition and NetXchangeTM MeetingBroker—at 28 Hyatt properties with more than 350 daily users in more than a dozen countries. Delphi Multi-Property Edition also is being deployed at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in Europe and Australia for its ability to automate and streamline city, regional, country-wide and international sales and marketing efforts through Internet connectivity tools.




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