Summer Bay Resort Enhances Appeal

Summer Bay Resort, one of Orlando`s largest vacation ownership properties,
says its WaterColors(TM) installation from KoalaPlay Group has been so
successful in helping generate sales interest that the property is
considering adding additional family-friendly water-play attractions.

Following a growing trend in the hospitality industry, Summer Bay Resort
is perhaps the largest timeshare property to incorporate water-play
attractions as a strategy for enhancing market appeal and revenue. A
recent survey conducted by Amusement Business magazine showed that hotels
with water- play attractions earned more than double the revenue per
visitor stay than those without.

KoalaPlay Group completed installation of a four-section WaterColors unit
at Summer Bay last summer, giving the resort a high-profile, interactive
water-play attraction to supplement its four pools. Introduced last year,
WaterColors by KoalaPlay Group is the commercial play industry`s first
completely modular water-play system. Regardless of size or configuration,
all WaterColors modules are connected to a central water line, giving
property owners the option of expanding later without the cost of
retrofitting or new equipment.
The WaterColors system can be installed in virtually any modular
configuration to fit any size shallow-pool floor. In addition, KoalaPlay
Group`s world-class design team can incorporate any theme or brand to
create a distinctly unique interactive water-play area.

“We are excited about adding interactive water-play attractions like
Koala`s WaterColors to Summer Bay Resort because timeshare owners are
increasingly likely to travel on a general vacation where they spend four
or more nights at the resort,” said Summer Bay Resort Vice President of
Operations Phil Demer. “Water-play attractions make our property
considerably more appealing to existing and prospective owners who want to
engage in active, family-friendly forms of recreation during their
extended stays. We are leading the way in making interactive water-play to
a must-have amenity for the nation`s premier timeshare resorts.”

A winner of several resort architecture and design awards, Summer Bay
Resort has more than 17,000 deeded owners and earns the Gold Crown
designation for excellence by RCI, the world`s largest timeshare exchange
service with 3,700 resorts in 100 countries. The 308-acre resort is
located on a secluded, private 68-acre lake just six miles from Walt
Disney World, and currently offers 488 ownership units including luxury
condominiums, villas and vacation homes. Another 352 units are planned for
Summer Bay`s next construction phase.


Nationally, vacation ownership continues to expand while attracting some
of the industry`s biggest brand names. Unlike the traditional vacation
travel sector, however, the vacation ownership industry has not been
negatively impacted by economic downturns, with timeshare resorts
typically operating at more than 85 percent capacity each year.

“There are more than 360 timeshare resorts in Florida alone,” said Demer,
“and interactive water-play from KoalaPlay Group is helping us stay at the
top of most desired properties.”

KoalaPlay Group ( ) is the full-service
commercial play design and development division of Koala Corporation that
integrates the company`s three wholly-owned, commercial play equipment
companies: Delta Play Company, SCS Interactive and Superior Foam, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Koala Corporation ( ) is an
integrated provider of products and solutions designed to help businesses
become “family friendly” and allow children to play safely in public. The
company develops and markets a wide variety of infant and child protection
and activities products, which are marketed under the company`s
recognizable “Koala Bear Kare” brand name. Koala`s strategic objective is
to address the growing commercial demand for safe, public play
environments for children, as well as products and solutions that help
businesses create family-friendly atmospheres for their patrons.