Le Meridien Guestbook Hit with Agents

Eighteen months ago, Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts unveiled a bold new plan to help boost global travel - `Le Méridien GuestBook` rewards programme. Its strategy was simple: upgrade the hotel group`s commission and incentive programme to individual travel agents worldwide, and reap increased bookings at its hotels.
Travel professionals who joined Le Méridien GuestBook began receiving a two per cent commission on a wide range of eligible bookings with Le Méridien. In addition, the agencies where those registered agents worked received an extra two per cent commission on all bookings made - increasing the total agency commission as well as rewarding the individual travel consultant.
Le Méridien has now added an extra option for agents by offering them the opportunity to earn points in the Le Méridien frequent stayer programme, Le Méridien Moments.

Agents can collect one point for every £5 spent on a qualified booking, which can be redeemed for free hotel stays, room upgrades, dining vouchers, airline miles or even a cruise in the Seychelles.
Global travel is still struggling, but Le Méridien`s GuestBook programme has already proven to be a success for both Le Méridien and travel professionals alike by stimulating bookings and rewarding participating members.
*  Le Méridien GuestBook now has 20,000 members in 36 countries
* Le Méridien GuestBook`s agency sales are up 19 per cent year-on-year, compared with non-Le Méridien GuestBook agency sales

`The worldwide agent community is at the very heart of our business,` Juergen Bartels, joint chairman of Le Méridien said when launching Le Méridien GuestBook in September 2001.

`We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help each and every one of them to jump-start bookings in our hotels around the globe and this programme helps them, to help us, achieve this,` added Bartels.

Unlike other hotel agent incentive programmes, Le Méridien GuestBook offers agents a cash payment rather than goods or prizes on fulfilled bookings. Payment is via a personalised stored-value card, which can be used for shopping or cash at ATMs and other points of sale. And now travel agents also have the option to earn Le Méridien Moments points.


How Le Méridien GuestBook works for the travel agent:
*  Agent enrols by following the instructions on www.guestbook.lemeridien.com or the Travel Bookers link on www.lemeridien.com
* Agent selects to receive cash or Moments points as the chosen reward
* Agents book Le Méridien via GDS, Internet or Le Méridien`s reservations centre
* Agent submits a claim on www.guestbook.lemeridien.com using confirmation number, guest name and arrival date
* The stay is verified by Le Méridien
* For first-time cash payments, agent is sent a stored-value card with commission value. Subsequent payments are loaded remotely. Agent can use the card for shopping and cash via ATM`s
* Moments points will be credited to a special Le Méridien GuestBook Moments account

How Le Méridien GuestBook works for the travel agency:
*  Agency will receive an additional two per cent commission payment on top of normal commission payment

Agents can find out more information or register by going directly to www.guestbook.lemeridien.com directly or via the Travel Bookers link at www.lemeridien.com.