Villager Sees Sizable Gains After Nine Months With Global Distribution Systems

Nine months after joining the automated processing systems known as Global Distribution Systems (GDS), the Villager system has realized over a $1.1 million increase in revenue.

“With extended stay hotels becoming increasingly more recognized in mainstream consumer media, we expect these exciting reservation delivery systems to continue to produce sizable revenue for the chain,” said Villager President & CEO, Ken Rodgers. “It is our responsibility to provide our franchisees with the very best in resources, marketing initiatives and programs. Villager’s substantial investment in GDS has proved to be one of our best decisions - after only nine months, the results speak for themselves!”

The GDS are used by travel agents to book airlines, hotels, rental cars, etc. According to industry statistics, approximately 99% of US and Canadian agents utilize at least one of the GDS. Villager will pay travel agents a 10% commission on all room revenue generated through GDS.

“The importance of being available on GDS grows every day, as more and more travel agents use the system to book hotel reservations,” said Villager Director of Marketing Bob Greeson. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with GDS into 2001 and we are pleased to ensure that Villager is available on the more than 600,000 GDS terminals worldwide.”

Villager Franchise Systems, Inc. is an extended-stay chain of more than 125 locations and over 10,000 guestrooms in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Villager is a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD). For reservations or further information, the Villager toll-free reservation number is (800) 328-7829 or access the chain’s website at