Le Meridien stimulates more global travel with wide-ranging agent support programme

- Demonstrating commitment to travel agents and the agency community -
In a bold attempt to stimulate more global travel, luxury hotel group Le Méridien, has unveiled “Le Guest Book”, a dramatic upgrade of its commission and incentive programme to travel agents worldwide.
From January 1, 2002 every travel agent (pre-registered) in the world will earn two per cent commission on all valid bookings they make. In addition, the agencies where those registered agents work will receive an extra two per cent commission on the bookings made - increasing the total agency commission to 12 per cent.

Demonstrating his commitment and long-term confidence in the future of the hotel industry, Le Méridien’s chief executive, Juergen Bartels said: “The worldwide agent community is at the very heart of our business. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help each and every one of them to jump-start bookings in our hotels across the globe. Our new Le Guest Book programme will help them, to help us, achieve this.

“As many countries continue to feel the effects of a travel slow-down, it is our responsibility to demonstrate our full financial support to our travel agents, some of whom are facing an increasingly uncertain future.”

Le Méridien’s new Le Guest Book programme is open to every agent who pre-registers by following the link from www.lemeridien.com. Following this registration process, agents are given clear guidelines on which rates generate the personal two per cent agent benefit and the additional two per cent agency commission.
Unlike any other agent incentive programmes, Le Guest Book offers agents a cash payment (rather than gifts or prizes) on fulfilled bookings. Payment is via a personalised electronic payment card, which can be used for shopping or cash (at ATMs).

Interested agents can find out more information by going directly to http://guestbook.lemeridien.com directly or via the Le Guest Book link at www.lemeridien.com.


The agent commission programme launched by Le Méridien forms part of the group’s new strategy to invest to grow its business. Following the appointment of Juergen Bartels as chief executive this summer, Le Méridien announced a £850m ($1,204m) global investment designed to dramatically upgrade its facilities and catapult the brand to the top of the hotel industry rankings in three years.