StayOnline Introduces Online Quote Application

In a move designed to promote the financial advantages of wireless Internet connectivity, hospitality industry leader StayOnline rolled out a new online quote application at their
web site.

“We have found that a lot of owners are curious about the cost/benefit relationship of a wireless system,” said StayOnline`s President, Antonio DiMilia. “This application makes it very easy for a hotelier to get a price quote quickly, and without the hassle of time-consuming meetings or site surveys.”

“The application takes only a few minutes to complete, and addresses what we have identified as key areas for generating a comprehensive and accurate price quotation,” said Ron Peterson, the company`s Director of Sales. “Someone shopping for High Speed Internet Access can get a quote based on the information they enter, as well some useful information on ROI and wireless deployment. This tool will prove invaluable to both the person actively seeking a solution, as well as the casual shopper.”

“With constant new developments in the wireless arena, providers popping up all over, and the general caution that hotels are exercising due to the economy, it is crucial that hoteliers and owners get a full and complete picture of the solution being offered,” said Peterson. “Is the solution solid enough to stand up to constant use? Is it commercial grade, such as ours, or is it something thrown together by a local company looking to make a fast buck? Does it deliver what guests want?”

“We are seeing more and more companies entering this arena with sub-standard solutions, and, frankly, we`re concerned,” said DiMilia. “StayOnline was created to serve the hospitality industry and has been on the cutting edge of wireless technology since the beginning.  We have a proven solution that is now in nearly 20,000 guest rooms delivering not only a positive guest experience, but a strong network foundation for the hotel to build upon as more wireless tools are introduced.”


StayOnline`s new online application will streamline the quote process significantly, allowing potential clients to provide information at their convenience. “We hope that many of them will take advantage of it,” said Peterson.