Uniglobe Offers Travellers Tips to Avoid a Hectic Trip

The most common mistake made by business and leisure travelers is not allowing enough time to clear airport security before the flight boards.
This tops a list of the ten most common travel
blunders, compiled from more than 24,000 calls to the UNIGLOBE Travel

Rescue Line by travelers seeking help while on the road. With increased
airport security procedures in place since 9/11, many travelers still don`t
allow enough time to deal with airport delays. Many miss their flights
7*24 Rescue Line is one of the complimentary services offered to
travelers who book their trip through UNIGLOBE Travel to help sort out travel
problems as they occur. “Make sure your travel agent or Internet ticket seller
is there to help you if something goes wrong on your trip, whether it`s a
blunder or something out of your control like an airline strike,” said Jason
Love, Seattle-based UNIGLOBE Travel Rescue Line Vice President and General
The next two most common mistakes are also security related:

  - Trying to check banned items, such as knives and scissors onto a plane.
    More exotic examples include hunting rifles, samurai swords and
    hypodermic needles.

  - Identification problems at the airport. Travelers who try to board
    without government issued identification or identification in which the
    name does not match the ticket are being left behind.

  Not paying attention to details accounts for thousands of travel
blunders. Common miscues include getting the date or time of the flight wrong,
often due to time zone changes; forgetting or losing an airline ticket; and
packing passports and medication in checked-baggage, rather than keeping them
in a carry-on bag.
“Now that we are entering the peak holiday travel season, we feel it
important to advise travelers that with a little forethought they can avoid
the most common mistakes,” said Love. “The trip will go much smoother and
travelers won`t be faced with possible delays and additional fees if they
review the list of mistakes so many others have made this year.
“Some of these blunders make our top ten list year-after-year,” said
Love. “Reading the fine print, having your travel documents in order and
allowing enough time for minor bumps in the road can make traveling a more
positive experience.”


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