P&O Business Travel Expands Relationship with Pegasus

Pegasus Solutions
, Inc.
announced that P&O Business Travel, one of Great
Britain`s top 10 travel agencies, signed a contract to expand its
commission processing services agreement with Pegasus to include
Electronic Reconciliation and Tracking. 
Caption: Jeff Bzdawka, senior vice president of
Pegasus Financial Services

With this agreement,
London-based P&O Business Travel, a member of Pegasus Commission
Processing since 1995, has expanded its reliance on Pegasus to include
the outsourcing of tracking and collection for 100 percent of its
agency-generated hotel commissions.  Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions, a
leading provider of hotel industry transaction processing and
electronic commerce services, created Pegasus Commission Processing,
the hotel industry`s leading travel agent commission processing
service, in 1992.
Pegasus` Electronic Reconciliation & Tracking service offers travel
agencies automated management of all their hotel commissions.  The
service enhances standard Pegasus Commission Processing activities by
actively tracking and reconciling hotel booking and guest stay data
from properties that are not members of Pegasus Commission Processing.
The service employs unique automated searches to match bookings and
payments, generating inquiries when necessary and confirming payments.
Agencies can manage commission-related accounting via a secure Web
site that facilitates the manipulation of data to analyze receivables,
report corporate account revenues and monitor vendor payment trends.

“We are relentlessly seeking new ways to proactively manage and
enhance our relationships with our hotel partners on behalf of our
corporate clients,” said Martyn Lloyd, director of finance and
information technology for P&O Business Travel.  “Pegasus has done a
thoroughly professional job in automating the commission payment
process, taking what used to a troublesome and sometimes contentious
issue for us and making it part of a seamless daily operational
procedure.  We`re confident the addition of these services will take
this process to the next level.”

“P&O has proven itself to be ahead of the curve in managing its vital
hotel relationships,” said Jeff Bzdawka, senior vice president of
Pegasus Financial Services.  “By utilizing this service and working
closely with hotels to address commission issues in a timely manner,
P&O Business Travel can cultivate relationships with property
management that will serve all parties well.”

As part of its standard commission processing service, Pegasus
consolidates hotel booking data from more than 35,000 properties.
Each month, Pegasus sends a consolidated commission payment to its
member travel agencies worldwide.  Payments are delivered in the
agency`s choice of currency. 


Pegasus provides commission processing services to member travel
agencies in more than 200 countries, including the 10 largest
U.S.-based agencies.  More than 2,100 agency locations in the United
Kingdom are members of Pegasus Commission Processing (formerly HCC).
By participating in Pegasus Commission Processing, most member travel
agencies realize a significant growth in commission revenue, as well
as cost savings due to a sizable reduction in expenses associated with
typical manual methods for managing hotel commissions. 


Pegasus also maintains highly responsive customer service support for
travel agencies, with more than 70 percent of commission queries being
serviced and satisfactorily answered during one phone call with
Pegasus.  With the majority of travel agencies worldwide as members,
Pegasus processes an average of $41 million in travel agent
commissions per month on behalf of more than 100 hotel companies in
159 countries.

In a separate announcement, P&O Business Travel and Utell, the world`s
largest hotel representation company(1) and a subsidiary of Pegasus
Solutions, agreed to terms on a “preferred supplier” relationship.
Utell maintains preferred supplier relationships with more than 25
travel agencies and/or consortia, giving Utell hotel members increased
exposure to travel agents at the point of sale.
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