Travelocity Offers `Total Pricing` for Cars

A new offering from Travelocity, the most popular travel site on the Web, finally helps answer the question business and leisure travelers have been asking for years: “So how much will the rental car really cost?”

With the launch of “Total Pricing for Cars,” Travelocity becomes the first full service online travel retailer to offer comprehensive pricing information for rental car reservations before a rental is confirmed. Total Pricing rate quotes are certified by respective car rental companies to be within one percent of final rental rates, excluding insurance, damage waiver and/or refueling. Prior to the introduction of “Total Pricing for Cars,” additional costs such as taxes, fees, surcharges and applicable drop-off charges were not available for daily or weekly rate quotes.

“Anyone who has ever booked a rental car knows the rate you see is rarely, if ever, what you get,” said Michelle Peluso, senior vice president, Product Strategy and Distribution for Travelocity. “Total pricing for rental cars is something consumers have been wanting since the earliest days of the rental car industry and we are very pleased to be the first full service online retailer to provide this information for our members.”

Commenting on Travelocity`s new and innovative car rental pricing platform, Neil Abrams, president of Purchase, N.Y.-based Abrams Consulting Group, Inc., a specialized car rental consulting and research firm, stated, “Both car rental consumers and the rental companies themselves for decades have suffered from confusion, miscommunication, and customer relations problems resulting from the traditional quoting of rental rates, exclusive of mandatory fees, surcharges, and taxes. Travelocity`s Total Pricing for Cars program not only simplifies and completes the consumer`s evaluation and decision-making process, but underscores a what you see is what you get trust between the customer and service provider.”

All of Travelocity`s featured car rental partners will participate in Total Pricing for Cars. As featured partners, these companies provide Travelocity members special rates, instant confirmation at the time of reservation, dedicated customer service to handle member issues and access to more than 250 locations and/or 10 countries around the globe.