Sabre and Digital:CC Introduce Agents to the Internet

Alicia Gardner, Sabreå‘s vice president of online travel solutions, said many agencies understood the need to have a bookable presence in the online channel, but did not have the necessary technological expertise in-house to create their own website.

“Having a website is obviously a fundamental first step towards being able to offer an online booking service”, she said. “We found that many agencies wanted to offer an online booking service to their customers, but were inhibited by the need to develop a website first. Our solution was to negotiate this special service with Digital:CC, to help overcome that initial obstacle.”

Any of Sabre’s four Internet booking engines will work off the generic website, giving agents the ability to offer their customers an online booking service almost immediately.

The Digital:CC service is also aimed at agencies that currently have a website but want a new design. The entry-level site costs €1,500 (£1,100) and is available in any language. It can then be upgraded or customised further by adding optional extras that are separately priced.

Gardner said Sabre would continue to focus on initiatives to help travel agencies market themselves and compete successfully in the online channel. She said Sabre was a marketing partner for its travel agency customers, in addition to its traditional role as a technology provider.