Master the Power of Cash Incentives with Modern Agent

Modern Agent has announced a new program: `Agency Master Accounts`  The web site is the first broad based incentive platform designed to help travel suppliers offer cash incentives to the travel trade. 

(Caption: Mark Murphy,
President/CEO - Modern Agent)
currently offers over 1,200 cash incentives from more than 70 suppliers including tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, hoteliers and others. Incentives range from $10-$500 per booking/passenger and are in addition to current agency commissions and overrides. Incentives are deposited monthly on a Modern Agent Debit MasterCard that is sent to participating members, making redemption quick and easy.  Registering with Modern Agent is free to all agents and agency owners.
“Our platform now gives agency owners the opportunity to control the flow of incentive dollars. This allows them to increase profits for both their agents and their agency”. explains Mark Murphy, President of Modern Agent.
“Our goal was to bring efficiency to the process of suppliers using cash incentives to motivate or change behavior by selling agents.  We`re created a real time tool for both suppliers and agencies to manage their business and maximize yields”, adds Murphy.
Opening an Agency Master Account with Modern Agent provides numerous benefits to owners:

 All cash incentives earned by selling agents may be deposited directly onto an Agency Modern Agent Debit MasterCard account.

 Owners dictate the split paid to their agents and retained by the business.

 Agency owners can monitor all agent sales activity through a Master Login.

 Comprehensive sales training is available to enhance the agents` true selling potential.
“Modern Agent is focused on making travel agents the best sales people they can be”, explains Murphy. “Our goal is to create a proactive, one-to-one sales relationship between the travel agent and the travel supplier, benefiting both by adding value for the consumer”.

Modern Agent`s mission is to secure the professional and financial growth of individual agent members and the agencies that employ them. The company has pledged to reinvest a percentage of its profits into training programs and education for agents.  These programs will be ICTA endorsed and focus on creating added value skill sets for the front line agent.  Since the launch of the site on April 29, 2002 Modern Agent has seen travel agent traffic of more than 1 million page views.  As of today, more than 5000 agents are actively using the site.