ebookers Announces Continued Strong Performance.

ebookers plc reports that gross sales rose by 46% organically to GBP71million (USD104m) with the loss after tax reducing to GBP3.5m (USD5.1m) from GBP8.6m (USD12.3m) in Quarter Two last year.
(Caption: Dinesh Dhamija
, CEO - ebookers)

Nigel Addison Smith, CFO ebookers plc commented: “We are building one of the industry`s most competitive cost structures. Not only are we building a low cost back office centre in India, we are also developing Dublin as a second multi-lingual centre to service our customers throughout Europe. These assets give us excellent low cost scalability and allow us to easily strip costs out of future acquisitions.”

Dinesh Dhamija
, CEO ebookers plc commented: “These results show that our online model is developing well despite weakness in the rest of the travel industry. We continue to have the largest online merchant content in Europe. With our strengthened management team with its deep knowledge of travel and our improving technology, we are well positioned for continued strong performance in the future.”