Traveldoo Integrates Maporama`s Location-Centric Services

Traveldoo Technologies

, the European provider of electronic travel management solutions today announced that it has integrated Maporama`s online location-centric services into its software solutions Traveldoo ShopSite(tm), Traveldoo Portal(tm) and Traveldoo Mobile(tm). Maporama

is the leading provider of online location-centric solutions.

Traveldoo solutions provides online business travel planning and booking capabilities, dynamic policy management, travel supplier relationship management and travel spending intelligence services. The integration of personalised location-centric functionality makes it easier for travellers and travel arrangers to plan business trips. Traveldoo`s customers have now the ability to visualise on a single map, in a single click, company`s preferred hotel properties, meeting places, customers, partners and company offices. Before going on a trip, travellers can print and download onto their PDA`s maps related to the details of their reservations (flights, trains, hotel rooms, car rentals). Travellers on the move will benefit from additional innovations as personalised and actionable mobile location-centric content.

For the incorporation of Maporama`s location-centric features within its products, Traveldoo opted for Maporama Application Programming Interface Library (MAPIL), a very complete library of programming interfaces allowing for the development of innovative location-centric applications as well as for seamless access to the market`s most exhaustive database containing detailed street level maps of cities across four continents.


“As an innovative player on its market, Traveldoo chose a product guaranteeing a total freedom in terms of integration of geocentric features within its products. This new reference confirms the great competitive advantage our products offer,” said Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama`s CEO.

“Thanks to Maporama and its highly-flexible interfaces, we have been able to rapidly deliver a business trip planning process enriched with adaptable map and location information services,” said Olivier Mindren, Vice President, Marketing, Traveldoo

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