i:FAO Launches New Release Cytric System

, developer of cytric and
powertrip, the market leading business travel eProcurement software, is
launching a new release of it`s globally available cytric system.
In early July, just in time for this year`s NBTA Annual Convention & Trade
Show, i:FAO has rolled out cytric`s newest release into production for more
than 900 corporate customers.
  cytric is risk-free technology and service optimizing business travel by
providing more cost reduction, higher adoption, and finding better trips.
Already a market leader with its comprehensive set of more than 900 travel
management functions, i:FAO has now enhanced many features.
This includes finding and storing the lowest fare by adding a new range of
BestBuy search parameters, additional rules for travel policy alerts and
better communication with travelers through additional corporate message
boxes.  There are also new functions for cytric`s Fee Based Pricing, which
include separate quality check options as well as automatic rules for
unlimited markets and airlines.  cytric users have the benefit of passing
easier through airport security checks with cytric`s printed receipt for an
electronic ticket issued.  Travel managers can take advantage of additional
options for trip approvals by final destination and/or amount of air fare,
which tie into cytric`s range of four different approval systems inclusive of
multi tier workflow options.  Any changes to bookings made by vendors or
agency partners are now flagged in cytric`s itinerary, so that travelers are
alerted to these changes.
Amongst the many improvements is the enhanced functionality for hotel rate
code properties, as well as an online check of a frequent traveler number
entered, and additional functions for cytric`s Assisted Booking option.

Customers are Delighted with Booking Enhancements
  Immediate customer feedback has already confirmed that cytric`s new car
rental booking option for on airport car rentals is a winner for ease of use
and fast completion, while the new seamless integration with Microsoft`s
Outlook, using the cytric Add-In for Outlook, is a favorite with business
travelers.  cytric`s Add-In is turning any Outlook appointment into a travel
booking with all booked segments neatly presented in Outlook when completed.