Power up at 30,000 feet with TeleAdapt

TeleAdapt, a leading supplier of complete
solutions for mobile computer users, is today pleased to announce the
of the InflightPowerT DC to AC Inverter. The InflightPowerT is endorsed by
British Airways and provides a complete power solution for virtually any
electrically powered portable device whether a user is in a car or midway
across the Atlantic.

InflightPowerT is able to connect to airline seat power sockets as well as
car cigarette lighters, enabling business and pleasure users to power
laptops, mobile phones, and personal CD and DVD players whilst on the

The InflightPowerT is the first in-car/in-flight adaptor that is not
specific, therefore providing a neat single-product solution to mobile

InflightPowerT also represents a big step towards the realisation of the
airborne office, as it is the first DC/AC power inverter to earn the
official approval of the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics



“The biggest drawback of many rechargeable devices is their limited
life,” says Gordon Brown, Managing Director, TeleAdapt. “The
allows users to make the best use of their time whether on land or in the
air, without having to work around battery and power constraints.”


To ensure safe use, the unit also has a number of built in safety features
such as a vehicle low battery cut-out, overload protection if connected
device drains over 75 watts, and spike/surge protection from power surges.

The InflightPowerT weighs less than 1lb and provides 75 watts of
continuous power.  InflightPowerT is available from the TeleAdapt website and through
duty free stores and is priced at UKP 89.99 (ex. VAT).