Web Presence for Passport program

Payless Car Rental has a brand name that delivers the company`s message in one word, and company president Mike Harley said he is determined to deliver that message to an increasing slice of the corporate market in the years ahead through a new Internet program called the Passport Club.

About 8% of Payless` business is corporate. By 2004, the company`s goal is to be 20% corporate, according to Harley, who expects the Passport Club program to be the driving force toward achieving that goal.

“By 2004, you`re either going to be an Internet-driven force or you`re going to have trouble doing business,” Harley said.

“The corporate world has changed,” he continued. “Business travelers are absolutely going to the Internet for the best deals.”

Companies or individual business travelers can sign up for the Passport Club on line at www.paylesspassportclub.com.


p>When customers book via the Web, they receive a 5% discount off the lowest applicable rate at the time of reservation.

Rates are not commissionable to travel agents.

At the end of this year, Harley said Payless will review Passport Club accounts and decide what is an acceptable volume of business to qualify for a discounted rate.

In the meantime, he admitted there is nothing stopping any leisure traveler who books once a year to sign up for the Passport Club.

But that will be a short window of opportunity, Harley said.

“We`d like to see the individual business traveler book about one car rental per month,” he said.

“Depending on the size of the company, we`d like to see 25 to 500 bookings per month.”

Harley noted that the Passport Club is the company`s lone corporate discount program.

Payless used to offer Champs Club, a program in which companies negotiated a rate with Payless, but it was discontinued in 1998.

“It never produced the numbers,” Harley said.