Launches New Campaign

Six years ago, William Shatner took to the airwaves to introduce (Nasdaq: PCLN) to the nation`s leisure travelers. Now, Mr. Shatner is back again - this time reunited in a rare screen appearance with Leonard Nimoy - in a nationwide, multi-million-dollar TV campaign launching a new, even more powerful airline ticketing service from

The campaign debuts nationally on Monday, January 19. To see a preview of the ad on the Web, visit
The new airline tickets service is a one-stop solution for booking any trip. That`s because now gives customers a choice. You can select flights, times and airlines from a selection of low fares. Or, if your travel plans are more flexible, you can Name Your Own Price(R) and save even more. Best of all, searches its deep database of ticket inventories and delivers an answer in real time.
“ is no longer just for the highly flexible traveler who can fly any time on any airline,” said Jeffery H. Boyd,`s President and CEO. “Now,`s airline tickets service can fill the needs of any value-conscious leisure traveler. Our exclusive Name Your Own Price service will continue to deliver deep savings for the flexible travelers. But for those who prefer specific carriers or itineraries, we also offer a broad choice of airlines, flight times and low fares for domestic and international travel.”
The new service is supported by a major TV ad campaign. “In conceiving the new campaign, we needed a way to convey that`s new airline tickets service is completely different from what travelers have seen before and revolves around a fundamental choice - pick your own flights or Name Your Own Price,” said`s Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Keller. “What better way to communicate change and choice than to bring together the two actors whose rival popularity fuels fan debate on and off the Web to this day.” offers products for sale in two categories: a travel service that offers leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages and cruises; and a personal finance service that offers home mortgages, refinancing and home equity loans through an independent licensee. operates the retail travel Web sites and is part-owner of Travelweb LLC. licenses its business model to independent licensees, including pricelinemortgage and certain international licensees.