BAA Welcomes Air Transport White Paper

BAA today welcomed the Government`s new framework for UK aviation policy and
said that it would press ahead with plans for a second runway at Stansted

BAA said that it would also work urgently to resolve the air pollution issues
identified by the Government as a barrier to further runway development at
Heathrow Airport.

“Aviation is vital to the economic and social well-being of the UK and we are
pleased that the Government has taken such a long-sighted, strategic view in
this White Paper,” said Mike Clasper, BAA`s Chief Executive.

“BAA identified four possible options for runway development in the South East
and the Government has chosen two of them. At Stansted, we will proceed at once
to draw up detailed plans and to examine the environmental impacts of a second
runway. We will consult closely with the communities affected and address their
concerns as sympathetically as possible.

“At Heathrow, we will work with national and local government and with
Heathrow-based airlines to resolve air quality problems. This will require
action on motor vehicle emissions, as well as aircraft and airport ground
vehicles. If these matters can be dealt with to the Government`s satisfaction,
we will bring forward a plan for a third, short-haul runway at Heathrow, as the
White Paper suggests.”


Should the environmental problems at Heathrow not be resolved to the
Government`s satisfaction, the White Paper suggests that a second runway at
Gatwick should be brought forward, but not before 2019. BAA welcomes the
Government`s decision to uphold the agreement which prohibits further runway
development at Gatwick before that date.

BAA also commented upon the White Paper`s proposals for Scotland, which involve
safeguarding land for a possible additional runway at Edinburgh towards the end
of the planning period. Renfrewshire County Council has been invited to
safeguard land for possible runway development at Glasgow Airport.

“We advised the Government to safeguard land at both Edinburgh and Glasgow. BAA
will now work within the new policy framework to develop its Scottish airports
to their full potential,” said Mr Clasper.

BAA remains strongly committed with balancing aviation growth with measures to
ensure that those who fly should meet the full environmental costs of flying.
“We are especially pleased that the Government is to place such emphasis upon
addressing the impacts of aviation`s greenhouse gases by pressing for an
EU-wide emissions trading scheme.”

BAA will make more detailed comments on the implications of the Air Transport
White Paper at a press conference at Stansted Airport on Thursday morning.

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