Countdown to Tasman Express

Later this month, Air New Zealand will launch low-cost air travel across the Tasman for all New Zealanders. To ensure you are kept fully informed of all the changes that are happening with Tasman Express, we bring you the first in a series of bulletins we will forward to you between now and October 29th, Tasman Express launch day. This first bulletin focuses largely on fares and booking.
Three weeks to go before Tasman Express takes to the skies, both leisure and business customers have adopted the internet as the contemporary way of booking the best air fares - and there are still bargains to be had in the lead-up to Christmas.

Never before has there been such an affordable opportunity for families and friends separated by the Tasman Sea to get together during the festive season. While many of our lead-in fares have been snapped up, Air New Zealand still has seats available in the lowest fare range for travel to Australia between 1 December 2003 and 31 January 2004.

For example, the Tasman Smart Saver fares for travel from Auckland or WellingtonÊ to Melbourne (from $199 one way) and from Wellington to Sydney (from $189 one way).

Air New Zealand will get you there.

Tips on How to Get the Best Fare


Save by booking early and travelling off peak
Tasman Express offers three Economy Class fares. If customers book early and choose off-peak travel times they are more likely to get the best price.

Save by planning your travel and combining fares
Customers can save money by thinking about how much flexibility they will need for their trip.

If they need to be in a certain place at a set time, but want to be flexible about their return they can buy a Tasman Smart Saver or Flexi Saver fare to get there and buy a Tasman Fully Flexi for the trip home. That way they have the flexibility to change their return flight.

If the reverse is true - they must be back by a set time, but unsure of exactly when they can get away, then they should buy a Tasman Fully Flexi fare to get there. For the homeward journey, when they must be back at a set time, they can buy the Tasman Flexi Saver or less versatile Tasman Smart Saver.

Connecting from a domestic flight?
If customers are travelling domestically to connect with a Tasman Express flight, there are a special range of fares combining both domestic and Tasman travel. These fares support you in the event of a disrupted flight or missed connection and allow you to be checked right through.