Air France Donates Four Concordes

For Air France, which will be ceasing commercial Concorde operations on 31 May 2003, this supersonic aircraft belongs to the world`s aviation heritage and must therefore be seen - and admired - after its last passenger flight. This will be the case for Air France`s entire Concorde fleet, as all the aircraft will be put on public display. Air France has therefore decided to donate four Concordes to the following major aviation institutions:

- Musée de l`Air et de l`Espace, Le Bourget, France,
- Technik Museum Speyer, Sinsheim, Germany,
- Airbus, Toulouse, France, where it will be displayed at the future air museum, currently under construction.
- National Air and Space Museum, Washington (Smithsonian Institution), with which discussions are taking place to implement the transfer agreement signed in 1989.
In doing this, Air France wishes to allow as many people as possible to see this legendary aircraft, which has made its mark not just on Air France, but on aviation history. Air France is therefore paying homage to Concorde, which, displayed on these sites, will live on forever.

The four Concordes will be ferried to their destinations in June.

The fifth Air France Concorde, which has just been overhauled, is scheduled to go on display at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.