Ryanair Accuse Aer Rianta

Aer Rianta, the out of control airport monopoly, have issued a limp statement saying that the increase in charges to airport users of 500%+ for car-parking together with a whole raft of invented charges, including charging the media for photography and filming at the airport, was an å“errorå”. This it was not! In typical Aer Rianta Monopoly fashion, they circulated the increased charges to airport users stating that the increased charges would take effect on 1st January 2003.

In their embarrassing retraction statement, they say “this is taking place with all effected parties….”. Another one of Aer Rianta’s lies.

In their letter dated 27th November 2002 (see attached), Aer Rianta clearly state:

“...Aer Rianta has decided to cap the capacity of staff car-parking to the current level available at the airport, and to increase the annual charge for staff car-parking to €1270.00+VAT (+500% increase) per permit…”

This is the Aer Rianta Monopoly’s interpretation of ‘consultation’.


In addition, under the heading “2 Miscellaneous Charges”, paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 (see attached) Aer Rianta clearly state the invented charges for “PR photography & sound recording at €100.00 per hour or part thereof” and for “Commercial photography and filming charges of €250.00 per hour or part thereof.”

Aer Rianta’s retraction statement says: “There is absolutely no charging, nor was it ever intended that there would be, for any normal day to day photography or media filming activities in Aer Rianta’s airports.” Another lie from Aer Rianta. - If they had no intention of introducing the charges why did they say so in the first place?

Ryanair’s Head of Communications, Paul Fitzsimmons, said:

“Aer Rianta are lying in their typical monopoly fashion - doing and saying what they want, when they want. The airport monopoly issued a letter to airport users, in black and white, imposing these crazy charges and 500% hikes. Their notion of ‘consultation’ with users is a joke. No discussion and no consultation took place.

The airport monopoly has clearly lost the run of itself. Aer Rianta attempted to retract their plan, which was to be effective from 1st January 2003, BUT only after Ryanair brought the issue to the interest of the public and the media.

Irish tourism has been crucified enough at the hands of the high cost Aer Rianta Monopoly, and we urge the Government to put a stop to this ridiculous monopoly behaviour and move now to push ahead with the development of multiple competing terminals at Dublin Airport which will save Irish tourism and benefit the economy.”