Unmatched Comfort in ANA’s New First Class

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will totally redesign its industry-leading First Class cabin for even greater comfort on long-haul international routes starting in December.

The centerpiece of New First Class is the “Wide Bed Seat,” which will be enclosed for complete privacy. It will replace ANA’s 180-degree Fullflat Seat, introduced in 1996 as the first seat of its kind in the world.

New First Class will be introduced on ANA’s Boeing 747-400 routes to London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York, starting with Tokyo-London on December 1, ANA’s 50th anniversary.

In development concept of New First Class, ANA conducted a survey of 5,000 of its top customers, for whom the two most desired features of an airline seat were “complete privacy,” cited by 75% of respondents, and “horizontal recline like a bed.” Based on these findings, ANA’s design goal was a reclining, relaxing, comfortable seat enclosed in a “private room.”

Features include:


1.World’s Widest Bed Seat The seat is approximately 84cm wide, roughly 50% wider than existing ANA First Class seats, making it the world’s largest airline seat.—The armrests and seat combine to create a sleeping surface approximately 84cm wide by 196cm long, enough space for a tall person to roll over in comfort.—Employs form-fitting Tempur (“pressure relief”) cushioning for maximum comfort.—Two pillows with silk coverings, down covers and, as a new service, sheets.

2.Single-Seat “Private Room” Configuration The previous two-seat layout is now a spacious single-seat configuration, with every seat enclosed for total privacy.—The number of seats has been reduced to 10, from 14, arranged single file, with two seats in the center section.—A movable divider separates the two center seats. By adjusting the divider, these seats can be used as a single pair seat.

3. World-Class Digital Entertainment Every seat is equipped with a 15” personal TV, the airline industry’s largest.—Digital AVOD (Audio and Video On Demand), providing interactive entertainment (20 movie and video channels, 28 music program channels [400 tunes/tracks] and 10 game channels).— Noise-canceling headphones to block out engine and ambient noise.
—Personal telephone and electrical outlet for laptop computers. 

4. New à la Carte Menu As befits a “private room” setting, à la carte service will be introduced—scheduled for spring 2003—enabling first class customers to select their favorite dishes at a specified time, and in a specified quantity according to their personal preference.—Select black, herb, Chinese and other quality teas.

5.Larger Lavatory, Changing Room The lavatory has been enlarged, and can be used comfortably as a changing room.—In addition to its much more comfortable feel, the New ANA-designed lavatory sets the standard for aircraft lavatories, with crystal-blue sink and vanity mirror and special attention to lighting.—A changing room space is provided, with curtains to ensure privacy.